We want to help schools prevent the spread of sickness that is becoming an all to frequent issue, with many schools now having to shut down for periods of time due to stronger and more infectious viruses. This is having many negative effects in the community for families that already have enough work pressures.

What are the benefits of using Zoono technology in your school? 

As parents with school-aged children, we are very aware of the spread of bacteria and viruses in the school setting and we know that this new technology will help increase germ protection and reduce absenteeism (results show up to 50% reduction) and therefore boost learning potential for students as well as healthier staff. A two pronged approach of using an safe advanced 24 hour hand sanitizer and 30 day surface protection from bacteria will give maximum results. Child safety and the environment are important issues. The fact that Zoono's toxicity level is less than a cup of coffee or glass of orange juice, makes Zoono the obvious choice for our next generation's protection against germs.

Stay Well has created a self-funding solution for schools to be able take advantage of this game changing technology.

Stay Well has a range of Zoono retail products that will be offered to the parent community.  Profit from the sales of products are donated back to the school, alternatively parents can choose to do a  gold coin donation. Schools can then choose a level of protection from the packages available below. This makes a superior level of protection for the school, very achievable.

Between $2.50 and $4.00 per child, per term can cover all levels of protection below.

Stay Well can provide four levels of protection

  1. Staff hand sanitiser protection
  2. Childrens hand sanitiser protection 
  3. Highly touched points surface protection  (door handles, tables,rails, switches etc...)
  4. Misting service, that covers all surfaces ( walls, tables, toilet rooms, carpets, floors etc..) monthly, two monthly or seasonally. (Christchurch only at this point for misting service)

We can tailor a package to suit your schools needs from these four options. This can be done through the self funding school programme or paid for by school. 

Our goal is also for each child in the school to have enough hand sanitiser to last each term. Reports indicate more than 80% of illnesses are transmitted by the hands. Centre for Disease Control and prevention (CDC)

Interested in getting this in your school?

We can provide option 1, option 2 and option 3 to anywhere in NZ. We can only provide option 4 in the Christchurch vicinity at the moment.


Outbreak control service

Is your school currently experiencing an outbreak? We can help!

Contact Jamal or

021 800 154


Stay Well Solutions will guide the School and its stakeholders though a smooth easy process.


We will give a presentation to the appropriate parties, to outline in more detail this exciting technology and how it will work in the school.


We have templates for communication to the parent community.


We have simple systems for the distribution and collection of products and funds.


The school chooses a level of protection based on the funds raised.

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