Home Service

Did you know that cleaning products only last 3-10 minutes at most. Once bacteria is reintroduced by touching the surface, some bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes and the transference from touch can continue.

Have the peace of mind that bacteria and germs are being taken care of in your home on an ongoing basis, as you get on with your daily life. Have that feeling that you and your loved ones have an extra layer of protection against the spread of sickness in your home.

Through the use of ground breaking next generation technology, Stay Well can apply a safe microscopic layer of protection to all surfaces and furniture, that continues to disrupt the cycle of bacteria, virus and mould growth. What makes this process so unique is there are no harmful chemicals involved, our product creates a fine layer of microscopic pins that draws in bacteria and physically kills and inactivates them, like a balloon popping from a pin prick. With no harmful chemicals needed, germ protection has never been safer and more effective. 

Surface treatment

Our misting service is a unique treatment to protect all surfaces in your home from the spread and incubation of germs and viruses for up to and over 30 days.

The product we use for this is called Microbe Shield and it is food safe, contains no alcohol or poisons and has the similar toxicity levels as vitamin C (i.e. very low).

All areas can be treated including under tables, chairs, desks and it is recommended that cupboards be left open. We recommend this treatment for your home once a season. 

On the day

Make sure you have given the surfaces that are going to be treated a thorough wipe down. The technician will request that shoes, sporting equipment and toys be left out to be treated. We will also treat any vehicles and if you have pets, their areas will also be treated. 

Following treatment, surfaces can be cleaned as normal without compromising Microbe Shield's effectiveness.

Microbe Shield contains no nasty chemicals and is OK to use around people, pets and plants alike.

Price ranges from 

  • 1 bedroom   $99
  • 2 bedrooms  $115
  • 3 bedrooms  $145
  • 4 bedrooms  $175
  • 5 bedrooms  $199

Other products

Following the misting treatment, the technician will show you the range of products available for home use at discounted prices.

Please call our Misting Technician Mark Thornton on 021 755 942 for a quote.