Preschools, changing to next generation germ protection!

We know that a healthy happy staff is a key factor in business success.  We also understand that sometimes staff and children bring sickness into the work space and this can affect productivity and well being. 

Have the peace of mind that bacteria and germs are being taken care of in your preschool on an ongoing basis, as you get on with the daily activities. Have that feeling that your staff and children have an extra layer of protection against the spread of sickness in your preschool. 

Did you know that cleaning products only last 3-10 minutes at most. Once bacteria is reintroduced by touching the surface, some bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes and the transference from touch can continue. 

Through the use of long lasting next generation technology, Stay Well can apply a safe microscopic layer of protection to all surfaces and furniture, that continues to disrupt the cycle of bacteria, virus and mould growth for up to 30 days. What makes this process so unique is there are no harmful chemicals involved, our product creates a fine layer of microscopic pins that draws in bacteria and physically kills and inactivates them, like a balloon popping from a pin prick. With no harmful chemicals needed, germ protection has never been safer and more effective.  

Key benefits for your preschool

By treating your preschool space with Zoono you can:

  • Save up to and over 30% on absenteeism costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Gain a higher standard of health and safety
  • Add value by protecting your customers and staff
  • Contain the spread of illness
  • Help prevent the rise of mutating bacteria and viruses (super bugs) 
  • Contribute to sustainability and safer environment practices

Due to Zoono's long lasting germ killing abilities, child care centres using Zoono are finding a drastic reduction in the spread of germs. This helps save money and management time on relief teachers and most importantly a safer well being of children and staff alike. Parents of course appreciate this extra level of care and protection for there kiddies.

Stay Well provides four levels of protection

  1. Staff hand sanitiser protection packages
  2. Childrens hand sanitiser protection packages
  3. High touch point surface protection packages (door handles, tables,rails, switches etc...)
  4. Misting service, that covers all surfaces ( walls, tables, toilet rooms, carpets, floors etc..) monthly, two monthly or seasonally. (Christchurch only at this point for misting service)

We can tailor a package to suit your preschool needs from these four options.

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“After getting the centre fogged and using the Zoono products we had a child come to the centre with Hand Foot and Mouth. Normally this would spread like wildfire throughout the centre, but no other children caught it. I have never experienced this before.”
Alana, Childcare Centre Manager, Te Aroha


“I was just making a coffee and admiring all the ticks on the Common Area cleaning schedule in our lunch room and thinking how good Zoono has been for us. I was advised earlier today that we had a child that attended day care last Thursday having had runny bowel motions at home. He was sent home during the day and admitted to Starship on Saturday, discharged on Tuesday, the diagnosis: Rotavirus. An isolated case, but one that previously would have been nasty and gone through the centre. While we’ve had normal coughs and colds to deal with, we’ve avoided outbreaks for the last year.”

Julie, Childcare Centre Director

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