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Stay Well Business

We know that a healthy happy staff is a key factor in business success.  We also understand that sometimes staff bring sickness into the work space and this can affect productivity and well being. 

By providing your staff with our hand sanitiser that continues to work for up to 24 hours and treating your surfaces with our Microbe Shield that continues to kill germs on surfaces for up to 30 days, you can create a healthier and more productive work space.

80% of sickness is contracted by the hands? (Centre for Disease Control and prevention (CDC))

Traditional hand sanitisers and surface cleaners only last 3 to 10 minutes and contain high levels of toxicity.

Key benefits for your business

By treating your business space with Zoono you can:

  • Save up to and over 30% on absenteeism costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Gain a higher standard of health and safety
  • Add value by protecting your customers and staff
  • Contain the spread of illness
  • Help prevent the rise of mutating bacteria and viruses (super bugs) 
  • Contribute to sustainability and safer environment practices

 Stay Well provides four levels of protection

  1. Staff hand sanitiser protection packages
  2. Customer hand sanitiser protection packages
  3. High touch point surface protection packages (door handles, tables,rails, switches etc...)
  4. Misting service, that covers all surfaces ( walls, tables, toilet rooms, carpets, floors etc..) monthly, two monthly or seasonally. (Christchurch only at this point for misting service)

We can tailor a package and an ongoing supply to suit your businesses needs from these four options. You can choose between self application or arrange one of our technicians to treat your space.

Our misting service option

Our misting service is a unique treatment to protect all surfaces in your business from the spread and incubation of germs and viruses for up to and over 30 days. The product we use is called Microbe Shield and is food safe, contains no alcohol or poisons and has the similar toxicity levels as vitamin C.

What can I expect on the day?

All areas will be treated including under tables, chairs, desks, keyboards, mouses and it will be recommended that cupboards are left open.Treatment is most effective on recently cleaned surfaces and will provide ongoing protection against bacteria, viruses and mould.

Following the treatment, surfaces can be cleaned as normal without compromising Microbe Shield's effectiveness.   

How long can I expect the treatment to last?


Applications of Zoono can be expected to provide a lasting protection for a month up to and over 30 days. However, in extreme cases (such as critical hygiene, food preparation areas and bouts of colds, flu, gastro etc) industry and certified food safety protocols may stipulate a more frequent application.

 How do I access this service?

Our contracted technicians and/or our agents will work with your business to tailor a package suited to your businesses needs and current cleaning protocols from misting large areas to hand sanitization. Monthly, two monthly and bespoke packages available. Call Jamal on 021 800 154 or email  to make an appointment.

We see huge benefit from the use of Zoono in:

Medical environments

Child care

Aged care facilities






Outbreak control service

Is your business currently experiencing an outbreak? We can help!

Call Jamal 021 800 154 or email