About Us


Our Mission


Our mission is to create safer public spaces for all through the use of Zoono technology.


Our vision

 Our vision is to educate communities about germ control and help stop the spread and mutation of super bugs for the next generation.   

The Team

Jamal McCleary - Director


Jamal is Christchurch born and raised. He is best known for his hairdressing skills and is dad to Jaan, Ethan and Esme.  His interest in Zoono technology started 10 years ago when he first heard of scientists working on new germ killing technology.  With the development of Zoono he now see the opportunity to make a real difference in the community.  

Claire McCleary


Claire is originally from St Albans in the UK and had a career in the international development sector before moving to Christchurch to become a mum (to Ethan and Esme) and a high school teacher. Claire has a strong ethic of care and particularly sees how Zoono technology in schools has the potentially to improve the wellbeing of all and therefore student outcomes.

Karen Parker - Sales Agent, Medical and Clinical


 Karen is a wife, mother and Registered Nurse on a mission to reduce the use of strong chemical and alcohol based hand sanitisers and cleansers that are seriously damaging our hands.  “I am passionate about bringing this amazing solution called Zoono to all people who work in the health care industry and other professions. It is a true game changer!” 

Mark Thornton - Misting Applicator


Mark is Christchurch born and bred. He currently runs and owns a flooring company called Thornton's Carpets. Married with three daughters he is a true family man. He was introduced to Zoono by long time friend Jamal McCleary. After doing some personal research on Zoono, "I was truely fascinated by the potential Zoono has to not only revolutionise the way antibacterial products are used but also the positive impact this product can have on the community."